Another ridiculous long shot....

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Son of Pam
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Another ridiculous long shot....

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Flipping around late-night telly a couple of weeks ago I found one of them channels that goes a bit weird at night, showing random oddness. Anyways amidst all this nonsense was a desert scene with this quality lo-fi alt country type tune playing. The lyrics were all about "dead flies", "blind spiders", other jolly images and something about a porchlight. I thought I'd scribbled down enough lyrics to get some joy off Google, but it ain't happening.

Like the person looking for the Japanese music I'll consider anyone who gets this a demigod. Unless it's the same guy, in which case I think you should be promoted to full god.


PS - If no-one knows this I'm gonna bump it twice before letting it die. Like a fly in a porchlight. Happy New Year


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Post by NathanJones »

Unlikely but the only thing that springs to mind is Stranger than Kindness by Nick Cave.

Doubt it is that one though.